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Online Trace Nitrogen Analyzer – LDetek LD8000

For Argon, Helium, Crude Argon and Other Noble Gases


  • Trace Nitrogen in Argon/Helium/Crude Argon
  • Compact 3U rackmount enclosure
  • Large scale measurement
  • 4-20 mA output as standard
  • LAN/Web control
  • Range Identification Relay
  • Micro-valve for very low dead volume and fast purging time
  • Low sample consumption
  • Optional zero gas calibration free system

Product Description

The LD8000 is an online analyzer to monitor trace N2 in Ar/He/Crude Argon. A plasma emission detector is used to selectively measure trace N2 in pure Argon or/and Helium bulk gases as well as Argon containing up to 5% O2. The analysis of trace N2 in Neon, Xenon and Krypton can also be realized.